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Wednesday Wisdom: Belonging

“I think of creating new friendships and communities in similar ways to planting a garden. The first several months require the most dedication, care, nurture, and support before the plants are strong enough to survive and multiply on their own.”

– Radha Agrawal

Belonging is one of our most basic human needs, but in our current culture it seems to be in short supply. We humans have an innate desire to be connected to others — to feel welcomed, accepted, and cared about — and to know that we are part of something greater than ourselves.

Many people seek that connection on the internet, and although they may have hundreds of “friends,” they still feel isolated and alone. Often “belongings” – the stuff we buy and accumulate – substitute for belonging, but our material possessions can’t take the place of being in community. There’s been a great deal in the media recently about the “loneliness epidemic” in America and other industrialized nations, and no one is quite sure what to do about it. Studies show that connecting in community is key to happiness, fulfillment and success – but how do you find or create it?

We have the privilege of knowing someone who is the absolute queen of community-building, of bringing people together and helping them find their tribe. Radha Agrawal is the co-Founder, CEO and Chief Community Architect of Daybreaker. Daybreaker is an immense offline community — almost half a million people in more than 25 cities and a dozen college campuses — who start their day dancing together at events that are both inspiring and hella fun! We have attended and spoken at several Daybreaker dances and experienced the extraordinary outpouring of love, laughter, and joyous self-expression that embraces everyone – with no one left out.

But Radha is more than a dance enthusiast, she is a successful entrepreneur, speaker, DJ, inventor, investor, and one of the most brilliant, vibrant, and dazzling women we have ever met. She is the best-selling author of the book Belong: Find Your People, Create Community, and Live a More Connected Life. If you are seeking more belonging in your life, this engaging book provides a blueprint for finding friends and creating your own communal life as well as making meaningful change in the world.

On Tuesday, September 19th we are blessed to be having a dynamic live conversation with Radha titled Navigating Radical Uncertainty and Creating Unlimited Possibility. (See the details below.)

During these times of great uncertainty, with ongoing disasters and fear about the future, belonging is more crucial than ever. To navigate the challenges before us, it is critical to find your tribe, your people, and to anchor yourself in community as well as to be grounded in creating possibility.

For the many people, mostly women, who have participated in our programs, the Soul of Money Institute is such a community. In offerings like Awakening Women, The Remarkable Women’s Journey, and The Sophia Circle, deep friendships are fostered, and groups continue to meet and connect over the years. But even if you connect with us only in these bi-monthly messages, we hope you will feel our love and support and know that you belong to this precious and powerful community.

With love and gratitude,
Lynne and Sara

Join this free offering and be inspired by one of the most brilliant, vibrant, and dazzling women we have ever met. Radha Agrawal is the best-selling author of the book Belong: Find Your People, Create Community, and Live a More Connected Life. If you are seeking more belonging in your life and want to make meaningful change in the world then this conversation is for you!
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Journaling & Meditation


  • What qualities do you look for in your friends? 
  • If you were to build a community through thoughtful design and authentic, energetic connection points – what would those be, and what values would that community imbibe?

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