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Lynne Twist is a respected transformational coach who has been privileged to work side by side with some of the greatest leaders of our time including Mother Teresa, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Jane Goodall.

As a result of her experience, Lynne has developed a powerful whole-life coaching process that produces game-changing results. Her one-on-one personal coaching empowers individuals so that challenges and breakdowns that once looked daunting are transformed into opportunities for growth and breakthroughs. People who have benefited most from Lynne’s coaching include:

  • Individuals committed to their own personal development in service of a higher purpose and making a difference in the world.
  • People with substantial financial resources who want a more satisfying and effective relationship with money in regard to philanthropy, family dynamics and personal power.
  • Leaders who desire to have a fuller life and express a deeper, more profound wholeness in their work.

The coaching partnership provides clients with an opportunity to take advantage of Lynne’s personal, undivided attention and potent advocacy. Examples of breakthroughs that our clients have experienced include:

  • A shift in one client’s experience from feeling shame and guilt around her great personal wealth to feeling empowered to act on behalf of the issues she most cared about, and then designing a life plan to express those values.
  • A principal in a global consulting firm who was able to transform his competitive relationship with his partners into more meaningful conversations and collaboration that resulted in breakthrough results for their clients.
  • A director of a social profit who went from micromanaging her staff in such a way that no one experienced winning around her to fully empowering her staff by delegating major responsibilities.

Lynne accepts only a limited number of clients each year and offers her transformational coaching services in the format of year-long one-on-one coaching. This in-depth, personally tailored program is designed for individuals who want to maximize their time with Lynne and work on a particular issue or goal. The program includes three day-and-a-half in-person meetings throughout the year, twice-monthly 75- to 90-minute coaching calls, and ongoing availability as needed.

Whether working with an executive from the boardroom of a major organization or a fundraiser at the border of a resource-poor country, Lynne’s personal coaching is personally tailored to your goals, needs and schedule and promises to be a powerful partnership in your personal and professional success.

Experience game changing coaching with Lynne.

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I strongly recommend Lynne as a coach to anyone who has a true and deep desire to grow. In particular, it was my interest in deepening, opening, strengthening and, paradoxically, softening my relationship to money and power which drew me to Lynne. The time and expense has already been earned back many times over.

Jeannie Blaustein B'nai Jeshurun

I work with my clients to design a way of seeing that puts them in touch with their own power and deepens their capacity to move forward into authentic action.

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