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Philanthropic Consulting

Over the past 25 years, Lynne has coached individuals, families and their foundations to resolve the complex dynamics surrounding philanthropic issues of wealth and personal and global responsibility.

Specifically designed for individuals and families of wealth, Lynne offers philanthropic consulting that facilitates clients in finding appreciation, joy and meaning in their relationships beyond financial conflict. The types of people who have benefited from Lynne’s Philanthropic Consulting include:

  • Individuals who have financial resources that they want to dedicate to philanthropy but are not sure of the best path forward.
  • Individuals already engaged in philanthropic works who want to gain more clarity on the difference they can make with their contribution.
  • Family members who want to engage their children, brothers, sisters and spouses in working on the dynamics that go along with inherited wealth.
  • Individuals or families of great wealth who desire to align behind a powerful vision and set up an organization, foundation or institution that is designed around a powerful giving strategy.
  • Individuals or families of great wealth who feel overwhelmed by constantly being asked for money from various causes and instead want to consciously design their philanthropic giving.

The first step in the process involves Lynne assisting her clients in determining their philanthropic vision by formulating a clear sense of their personal values. Next, Lynne facilitates her clients in organizing their values to effectively develop and enact their vision. Lastly, with a focus on creating life affirmation and sincere joy through a sense of responsible financial stewardship, Lynne empowers her clients to translate their philanthropic philosophy and passion into all areas of their lives, including nurturing healthy relationships with those around them.

Align your wealth with your vision.

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This experience has opened and expanded my time and energy by helping me clear situations that were heavy and draining while inviting people, work, and circumstances that align with my greatest passions. 

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