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Wisdom Week at Rancho La Puerta, Mexico

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What: Wisdom Week at Rancho La Puerta featuring Lynne Twist. 

When:  Week of 

Monday, March 2nd | 4 pm for Soul of Money

Hosted by:  Rancho La Puerta  Wellness Resort & Spa

 Where: 21520 Tecate, B.C., Mexico

About the Event: Every week a different adventure awaits you at Rancho La Puerta. It will be an enjoyable and life-changing vacation, one filled with many accomplishments as well as blissful rest and retreat. Each week, they invite noted guest speakers, talented performers and workshop leaders—authors, politicians, musicians, artists and other leaders in their fields—to present afternoon learning experiences and evening lectures.

Pachamama Alliance:
Integrating Indigenous Wisdom with Modern World Knowledge for the Sustainability of Life

Join us for a deep-dive exploration of the power of indigenous wisdom from the Indigenous people of Amazon Rainforest as we look at how to address the greatest challenge of our time –  to reverse Global Warming and create a thriving, just and fulfilling future for humanity and the community of life.

Soul of Money:
Join us for a compelling and deep conversation that will transform your relationship with money.

Based on her best-selling book, The Soul of Money, Lynne Twist examines the harsh realities of a money culture that holds us back from achieving our highest potential and realizing our greatest aspirations.  By looking at our own financial “story” and the ways our beliefs have limited and constricted our relationship with money, we can re-conceptualize money. This presentation offers new pathways to realign our relationship with money and shows us how we can discover our own sufficiency and inner wealth.

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