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Wednesday Wisdom: Solutions Abound

“Every problem is a pathway to transformation.” – Paul Hawken

This summer, as the impacts of climate change seem to be intensifying – heat waves, smoke, tornadoes and floods – it is particularly important that we align ourselves with creating a fossil fuel-free future. And that future is not only possible, it is underway.

The solutions to the climate crisis exist, and they will make our lives better, not worse. We have the technologies as well as the human ingenuity to solve the climate crisis in one generation. All that is missing is the will to do it. And to generate that will, we must believe that it is possible – and get into action.

Today, we share with you a short (3:45) beautiful video, Solutions Abound, that we hope will inspire you to dedicate some portion of your life to preserving the beauty, safety and bounty of summers in the decades to come. Please feel free to share it with anyone.

With love and gratitude,
Lynne and Sara

Journaling & Meditation


  • What portion of your life can you dedicate to be part of the solution?
  • What preservation projects or initiatives are you currently part of, and how can you expand and engage your community’s awareness?  

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