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SRI Conference in Colorado Springs

SRI Conference

On October 28th-29th I attended the SRI Conference in Colorado Springs, a conference for investment managers who have a commitment towardsocially responsible investing, or what is now called “Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing”. There were over 600 participants, and I had the privilege of being the keynote speaker on the opening day. My experience of the Socially Responsible Investment community was inspiring, encouraging, moving and thrilling. I was very impressed with the enormous growth and productivity of the SRI investment community. It is clear that the return-on-investment can be equal and sometimes greater than those of the broad market, and there is now no question of the power and value of this sector in the arena of returns.

What was really impressive and admirable was the power of commitment that the investment managers have to use money in a way that is consistent with their values and to actually produce a positive social return, as well as a financial return. These investment managers are truly the social prophets of our time, generating a social profit as well as a financial profit that creates financial prosperity and prosperity of the soul.

I also learned much about the different ways, avenues, and distinctions that make the SRI Investment community such a rich treasure trove of opportunities. In the SRI Investment community “Share Holder Action” is now being retitled “Share Owner Advocacy”. The kind of influence, power and voice that “Share Owners” are expressing is turning the tide in many important companies that are committed to being better community, national and global citizens.

I am grateful to Steve Schueth, and George Gay who founded the SRI Conference in the Rockies 24 years ago and have grown the conference and the SRI sector to such a significant and powerful presence in the world of financial investing. It was unbelievably inspiring, hopeful and inevitable that the entire investment community is moving in this positive and powerful direction.


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