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True Prosperity: 7 Weeks to Financial Freedom

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Regardless of where you live, how much money you make, or how successful you are, there’s a message you’ve been fed your whole life that is reinforced daily by the media, in television, magazine and internet advertising…

And that message is that you don’t have enough, you are not enough, and there is always something more that you need to get or be in order to be successful, happy, and worthy of respect and love.

And the worst part is that you’ve heard it so many times now, you believe it’s true.

You’ve been striving to achieve financial freedom your whole adult life, but no matter how much money you have at any given time, it probably never feels like enough…

All of this is caused by an underlying cultural condition Lynne Twist (bestselling author of The Soul of Money) and renowned wealth coach Tammy White call “Scarcity Consciousness.”

Once you leave scarcity consciousness behind and learn to use the simple financial tools Lynne and Tammy want to share with you, you will…

  • Feel unshakable confidence in your capacity to generate the money you need for you and your family to thrive and live an extraordinary and fulfilling life—regardless of the economy
  • Know that you’re able to manage unexpected expenses with ease
  • Experience the deep nourishment, strength and wellbeing that comes from aligning your spending with your deepest values
  • Feel satisfaction in paying your bills every month and being able to easily meet your financial obligations
  • Have the time and money to pursue your highest calling
  • Amplify your earning power so that you are able to maximize your income
  • Save and invest in ways that leave you feeling excited and at peace about the ways you’re creating wealth
  • Feel so overflowing with prosperity that you can confidently and generously make a meaningful contribution to the causes you most deeply care about

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