“No matter how much money I have, it never feels like enough."

We’ve heard it out of the mouths of multi-millionaires and people living paycheck to paycheck. 

“There’s not enough.” We live in a world where we are constantly fed messaging that there's not enough.

Not enough time. Not enough opportunity. Not enough money.

“There’s not enough” is the reason we do work that is not fulfilling or behave in ways we are not proud of. 

“There’s not enough” generates a fear that drives us to accumulate for ourselves even at the expense of others.

It is this unconscious, unexamined mindset that fuels the toxic myth of scarcity, and while it may start with money, it bleeds into everything else. If we believe there isn’t enough, the next thought quickly becomes “More is better.”

More money. More time. More of anything and everything.

“More is better” distracts us from living more mindfully with what we already have. In the pursuit of more, we overlook the fullness and completeness that are already within us waiting to be discovered. When we are focused constantly on the next thing—the next dress, the next car, the next job, the next vacation, the next home improvement—we barely experience the gifts we have now.

We are left with resignation and apathy and we’re never satisfied. 

This is the trance of the consumer culture that demands that we always have our attention on more and more and more.

Even if you're struggling in this moment, there is an opportunity to appreciate what you already have. 

Achieving financial freedom is possible. Prosperity is available to you right here, right now. 

You don’t have to be in a specific tax bracket, live in a certain zip code, or wait until you hit some magic number in your bank account. 

It’s time to dream a new dream - and it begins by healing your relationship with money. 

Peace & Freedom
with Money & Life

The companion course to the bestseller Soul of Money with Lynne Twist and Sara Vetter - now available on-demand

Move from scarcity to prosperity and step into unshakeable certainty, freedom, and ease in your relationship with money and life.

  • Make wise money decisions regardless of the economy.
  • Release and remove the blocks holding you back from creating the healthy financial flow in your life that meets your needs. 
  • Discover your natural prosperity and how to recreate your life from a place of sufficiency. 
  • Strengthen your spiritual net worth while finding peace and freedom in your relationship with money and life. 


With her gentle, generous, and wise approach to a difficult topic, Lynne guided me through a personal transformation of how I think about money, how I handle money, and what money represents.  I am now in love . . . with my own soul.

Iyanla Vanzant

Author and Spiritual Life Coach,
Host of Iyanla Fix My Life on OWN

Why Peace and Freedom?

Rarely in our life is money a place of genuine freedom, joy, or clarity, yet we routinely allow it to dictate the terms of our lives and often to be the single most important factor in the decisions we make about work, love, family, and friendship.

Money itself isn’t the problem. Money itself isn’t bad or good. Money itself doesn’t have power. It is our interpretation of money, our interaction with it, where the real mischief is and where we find the real opportunity for self-discovery and personal transformation.

We find sufficiency and sustainable prosperity when we think of our resources as a flow that is meant to be shared, when we put our full attention on making a difference with what we have, and when we partner with others in ways that expand and deepen that experience.

Your relationship with money can be a place where you bring your strengths and skills, your highest aspirations, and your deepest and most profound qualities. Whether we are millionaires or “dollar heirs,” we can actually be great with our money and be great in our relationship with it.

When you reclaim your prosperity with the simple tools in this course, what you have naturally expands and you will…

… fully awaken to a life that’s an extension of your soul.
… have the time and resources to pursue your highest life's calling.
… bring it all together to confidently and generously support your life, livelihood, and the relationships you deeply care about.

Ready to uncover the gifts lying dormant inside of you and follow your soul’s purpose?

What to Expect

Peace and Freedom with Money and Life is an on-demand, 5-module online course designed for powerful, change-making, and compassionate people like you, ready to rewrite your money story. 

Join Lynne Twist and Sara Vetter as they lovingly coach you through unraveling your cultural conditioning and help you create a new path you can follow with confidence. 

For each module, you’ll watch a video lesson and complete assignment to help you take each of the lessons deeper. Each lesson is approximately one hour and will take you through the principles of The Soul of Money.

  • Class #1: Transforming the Fear of Scarcity and Loss into the Profound Experience of Prosperity and Fulfillment
  • Class #2: Discover Your Power, Creativity and Capacity to Generate Flow with Your  Money and Life
  • Class #3: How to Tap The Overflowing Abundance of Wealth and Well-Being
  • Class #4: Expand Your Experience of Enoughness and Sufficiency 
  • Class #5: Learn How to Live with Grounded Optimism and Step Into Your Future With Certainty

Access Peace & Freedom with Money & Life!

One Payment of $267 or Three Payments of $89

  • 5 1-hour pre-recorded video lessons with Lynne and Sara
  • On-demand access via our course portal to learn at your own pace
  • Resources and assignments to serve as a guide to transforming your relationship with money and life

How Lynne and Sara transformed their relationship with money, and what that means for you

Lynne Twist learned her lessons about money in an unlikely place. Not from Stanford where she attended college. 

Instead her most important lessons came from the people she once called poor. She realized people poor in resources were some of the strongest and most resilient humans on the planet. 

She also learned that people she called rich were suffering from the tyranny of excess resources. From abject poverty to the wealthy, and everyone in between, she realized each person can be whole and complete regardless of the resources surrounding them. 

For more than 40 years, Lynne has been a recognized global visionary committed to alleviating poverty, ending world hunger and supporting social justice and environmental sustainability.

From working with Mother Teresa in Calcutta to the refugee camps in Ethiopia and the threatened rainforests of the Amazon, as well as guiding the philanthropy of some of the world's wealthiest families.

Her breadth of knowledge and experience has led her to profound insights about the social tapestry of the world and the historical landscape of the times we are living in.

Lynne and Oprah

Sara Vetter is the Business Development Director of the Soul of Money Institute and is a coach, consultant, workshop leader, keynote speaker and strategist.

She has been working with the Soul of Money Institute for more than 10 years and has become a key player in all the initiatives of the institute, working in partnership with Lynne Twist.

Sara has played a leadership role with the Nobel Women's Initiative, working closely with the six Nobel Women Peace Prize Laureates on fundraising, strategy and special delegations. Sara has participated in delegations to Dharamsala, India to see his Holiness the Dalai Lama, the Democratic Republic of Congo to work with Nobel Laureate Leymah Gbowee. 

Sara’s initiatives also landed Lynne Twist’s interview on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday in 2016.

Lynne and Sara’s on-the-ground work has brought them a deep understanding of people’s relationship with money. 

Their soul’s mission is to help others who are ready to awaken and reconnect to their own life’s calling and step into a new reality filled with peace and freedom. 

Feedback from The Soul of Money community...


Being in this community with Lynne and Sara leaves me feeling “rich.” I am more aware of my true abundance and how little real scarcity exists in my life. 

It has helped me get more clear about needs and wants. My wants were often in relation to feeling small. I no longer feel small and my needs feel clear and comfortable. 

Gratitude is a constant companion. I appreciate the gifts of Completion and Forgiveness. I had never considered this essential part of the process before. Now I know I can move forward with freedom.

There’s so much rich information in this program. 

Founder, Caregiver Connection LLC


Thank you for the gift of your Peace and Freedom with the Money and Life program. It hit home for me and I really loved it. You delivered it beautifully, powerfully, and personably. Congratulations! 

The context that you created for us around money is truly the gift of a lifetime, one that will keep on giving. You rocked it! Love you madly.

Philanthropist and Cancer Anthropologist


I went from a high-end Catering Business Owner, with hundreds of employees and millions in revenue, to nearly overnight requiring nearly 450 layoffs for our employees. 

When we laid staff off initially, we prepared food for employees and their families every week for 200 people with the abundance of food we had in house, until that was depleted and we could no longer sustain this activity.

Being in Lynne and Sara’s course refocused me from fear of losing everything we had created in 40 years to enormous gratitude for what we have created for and with people. From a feeling of scarcity to abundance by a mindset shift. 

Paying attention to what we do have (abundance, talent, passion, collaboration and resources), not stuck in what we don’t have. We have freed up energy to create new business models to safely satisfy the immediate needs of our community. It is not about more, it is about a sense of having enough and leveraging from that place.

Once again Lynne and Sara hit a home run for all of us able to “play” in their playground. Thank you so very much! Your energy, wisdom and content is so valuable and contagious, especially in these difficult times. 

You keep the light shining. Thank you again for being the powerful, inspiring women you are!!

Founder/CEO of Paula LeDuc Fine Catering and Events


What a joy it’s been to be in this course! My biggest takeaway is how I lived in the scarcity conversation around time. I now see time as a resource, as something that flows through me and my experience in the world. 

Just as I spend money with awareness of its flow in my life and where that flow goes and there is enough; when I spend time in a way that is aligned with my vision, goals, and initiatives, there is enough time!

Management Executive and Money Coach


Lynne and Sara lifted my spirit, opened my eyes, touched my heart and transformed my way of seeing the world. Their work is extraordinary!

After deeply processing my ancestral lineage, I have a new sense of my own peace and freedom.

Investor, Philanthropist and Former Executive

A final note...

I challenge you to move the resources that flow through your life toward your highest commitments and ideals, those things you stand for.

I challenge you to hold money as a common trust that we’re all responsible for using in ways that nurture and empower us, and all life, our planet, and all future generations.

I challenge you to imbue your money with soul—your soul—and let it stand for who you are, your love, your heart, your word, and your humanity.

With many blessings,