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Creating a New Book With Jack Canfield

Sharing My Stories

It was an absolute joy to arrive in Santa Barbara at the home of Jack Canfield and his wife, Inga, to spend three days telling stories from my life and work. Jack convened 25 of his close, personal friends from Santa Barbara, and we sat in his beautiful living room, and I told story after story after story after story after story for three, full days.

It was an exquisite experience and the people convened there soaked up the details and the teachings of the stories of my life with great love, affection and affirmation.


The Privilege of a Committed Life

As always, it is clear that my life is being lived in a way that is not only for me but to share with other people. The work I get to do, the privilege of living a committed life and the remarkable human beings that I encounter along the way are all a teaching for all of us. I’m grateful to be used as an instrument to make a difference and I want to share with you what a gift it was to be with my friend, Jack Canfield.


A New Book

All of these stories will now be formulated into a book that Jack will help us create. He is the master of storytelling and putting stories on paper and in books. Jack is the author of the, “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” series, which is more than 200 books that have sold millions, actually hundreds of millions of copies.

It’s an honor to know him and what a joy to collaborate with him on this book and also have him write the forward for the reissue of, “The Soul of Money,” book, which is coming out newly on March 14th. Please join me in purchasing copies of, “The Soul of Money,” book on March 14th or one or two days afterwards to have it soar as high as possible in the statistics on the best-seller lists. We really want, “The Soul of Money,” message to get out there far and wide. Thank you all for your support and love.

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