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A Message From the Rainforest

Sara Vetter and I have recently returned from being in the Ecuadorian Rainforest in the community of Sharamensa with 15 extraordinary women from the United States and Canada. We took a deep dive into the beauty and magnificence of the Amazon Rainforest in the heart of the world and bonded with the indigenous women of the Achuar People. They have taken on the health and wellbeing of their communities and, in particular, are transforming the way they give birth and in so doing saving many lives.

Our travelers had a transformational experience not only to the heart of the world, but to the heart of their own soul, one another, and the beauty and magic of the spirit of the forest and the indigenous people who are its natural custodians.

The Pachamama Alliance continues to be a powerful ally to ensure the protection of the sacred headwaters of the Amazon and the extraordinary people who are its natural custodians.

Now, we are leading another group of both men and women on a journey to a different area of the rainforest with the intention of continuing to garner more allies for our indigenous partners who do the courageous work of defending the forest not only for themselves, but for the future of all life.

We continue to live by this powerful quote from the indigenous elders: “If you are coming to help us, don’t waste your time, but if you’re coming because you know your liberation is bound up with ours, then let’s work together.”

With Love,

Lynne Twist

5 Responses to A Message From the Rainforest

  1. Lynne, thank you for an amazing experience in the rainforest. My daughter and I were so blessed and honored to travel with you and Sara to this amazing part of the planet. Thank you for all you do!

  2. Molly Reno:

    Lynne, sending love and gratitude to you and Sara and the Achuar people for my inner and outer journey to Sharamentsa. ❤️ Molly

  3. HI there Lynne and Sara,

    I so appreciate all that you do. I keep up with what you share and it’s such important work. I wonder if you have worked with Sambazon and Ryan Black who I read about in the New York Times. I remember reading that article and wondered if he had worked with you.

    My partner and I along with friends will be heading down to that region in around 15 months. Truly excited!

    Thanks for doing what you do. You both are a blessing to the world!

  4. Bonnie Gray:

    I can feel the forest in my memory as you send this message out to the USA. Thank you for reminding me of the great experience that Pachamama shared with me.

  5. Juanita Ruth One:

    Ecuador is an incredibly diverse country filled with beautiful indigenous peoples. I feel so blessed to be retired here.

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