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Making Sense of 2020 & Creating a Powerful 2021 – Webinar Recording

On December 29 and January 5, we hosted a special two-part webinar series with Lynne Twist and Sara Vetter called “Making Sense of 2020 & Creating a Powerful 2021.”  It was a powerful and insightful free webinar offering to help attendees make sense of 2020 in a way that creates, launches, and initiates a brilliant 2021 in our lives, our families, our work, and our world.

The recordings of both webinar sessions are provided here free.  We hope you find them inspiring and beneficial.

Webinar part 1, “Making Sense of 2020,” was a deep and profound conversation that focused on:

  • Completing 2020 powerfully by making peace with the losses and claiming the lessons.
  • Bringing sense and meaning to a year of confusion and uncertainty.
  • Sharing insights, prophecies, and wisdom that empowers all of us to make meaning of 2020 and find the hidden teachings and treasures from such a strange and unprecedented year.
  • Finding stability, common ground, and community, and experience your resilience with gratitude.

Webinar part 2, “Creating a Powerful 2021,” was a inspiring and engaging session that focused on:

  • Completing 2020 and experiencing the opening, possibility, and wonder available for 2021.
  • Co-creating a vision forward and harnessing the power to generate the meaning, no matter the circumstances.
  • Envisioning an intentional 2021 and creating a breakthrough plan to stay grounded in possibility and potential.
  • Empowering participants to create the initial architecture for having the best year of their lives in 2021.

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