Making Sense of 2020 &
Creating a Powerful 2021

with Lynne Twist

A two-part free webinar series to bring meaning and vision to the emerging new future.

PART 1: December 29 - Recording now available
PART 2: January 5 - Recording now available

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Revealing the hidden gifts of an unprecedented year.

We've had a year that none of us expected, none of us wanted, and none of us imagined could ever happen. How do we make sense of 2020? How do we find the silver lining? How do we accept, grieve, and integrate the losses, the suffering, the hurt, as well as lift up what we were forced-- or taught to learn about ourselves, about our relationships with one another, our relationship with future generations, and our relationship with the natural world? How have those lessons, started to shape the way we live, think, see the future and go forward?

We, at the Soul Money Institute, invite you to join us, Sara Vetter and myself, for two free webinars to first-- make sense of 2020, find the hidden meanings, the deep truths, as well as grieve, let go and release this extraordinary year. And second--- to do that in a way that we create, launch and initiate a brilliant 2021 in our lives, our families, our work, and our world.

We invite you to join us to start 2021 at cause rather than effect, even though we don't know what will unfold, even as life continues to be unpredictable. We invite you to transform your experience of 2020 into the year that tested, challenged and strengthened us. We invite you to own that because of 2020, perhaps we have become stronger and wiser than ever before and that we are more equipped than we have ever been to powerfully generate the life we want.

- Lynne Twist & Sara Vetter


Making Sense of 2020

Tuesday, December 29, 2020
10:00am – 11:00am PST
(followed by 30-min Q&A)

  • Complete 2020 powerfully by making peace with the losses and claiming the lessons.
  • Bring sense and meaning to a year of confusion and uncertainty.
  • Find stability, common ground, and community, and experience your resilience with gratitude.


Creating a Powerful 2021

Tuesday, January 5, 2021
10:00am – 11:00am PST
(followed by 30-min Q&A)

  • Co-create a vision forward and harness the power to generate the meaning, no matter the circumstances.
  • Anchor ways of being that connect you to cause rather than effect, no matter what unfolds.
  • Envision an intentional 2021 and create a breakthrough plan to stay grounded in possibility and potential.

For those looking at the last year and the year ahead and wanting to:

  • Learn the teachings of ancient prophecies that have foretold of this time in our human evolution
  • Integrate the wisdom of our living global indigenous elders and shamans
  • Connect with the predictions of wise elders who reveal the alchemy of what is to come
  • Receive the opportunity to release unconscious ways of being and patterns of trauma that do not serve and declare completion with gratitude and dignity
  • Articulate and anchor the profound teachings that adversity can teach us
  • Embrace 2020 in the context of the evolving and ascending human journey
  • Appreciate the evolutionary leap that is underway
  • Shift your outlook from negativity, anxiety and worry to the discovery of what is unfolding and learn to communicate and share this vision with others, powerfully
  • Discover your role in "midwifing" what wants to be born
  • Expand your heart, settle your mind, and find peace in the the rhythm of your soul
  • Touch into your infinite capacity to create the life of your dreams and know that what we believe determines what we perceive


Making Sense of 2020 &
Creating a Powerful 2021

with Lynne Twist

December 29 & January 5

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