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Lynne Twist on Connecting with Human Spirit – Video

Before she left for yet another trip to the Sacred Headwaters of the Amazon, Lynne Twist gave her all (as usual) in this remarkably inspiring video interview on The IGEOS Show with Valerio Pascotto, Psy. D. and Amrit Raikar. The result is an unusually deep and profound conversation.

Among other highlights, Lynne speaks about the inspiration she has received from working with people in the developing world and how that expanded her appreciation for the human spirit:

“When people are in enormous oppression, when people are in hunger, when they’re in poverty, they need to draw on their inner life. They don’t have anything out here. So, they become enormously strong in their inner world, in their inner life, in their inner resources, in their strength, in their courage, in their relationships with one another. They depend on each other so deeply.

So, in all of these years working on hunger and poverty in more than 50 countries, I saw so much beauty and resilience and courage from people living in the most unbelievable circumstances. As a result, I have this kind of profound faith in the human spirit that it cannot be squashed. That light can’t go out.

So, no matter what we think we’re facing in terms of problems here in the more affluent world, it’s nothing compared to what people have faced and have gotten through in these places.”

Watch the video below:

Lynne concludes:

“Once we realize that money is not the ‘be all end all’ and that we are the ones who invented it… Once we release our money’s grip on us, we will find our humanity again. And, then, all the institutions of humankind will be of the ultimate service.”

Watch and listen to the whole interview here.

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