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Sara Vetter Speaks at 2019 River of Hope Summit

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Where: Euphrates Institute River of Hope Summit at The McConnell Foundation’s Lema Ranch in Redding, California.

About the Event: Sara Vetter is speaking on  Transmuting Scarcity into Abundance for Peacebuilders at the the first ever Euphrates Institute River of Hope Summit.

The three day summit will include interactive workshops, group discussions, short talks and opportunities to connect individually with other participants at The McConnell Foundation. There will also be a community forum, open to the Redding area public, for folks to come hear the remarkable stories and examples of community transformation and peacebuilding from the international guests, and share stories of their own resilience in the wake of the Carr Fire. The Summit will culminate with the River of Hope Gala (a stand-alone event) at the Sheraton Redding Hotel on Friday, March 29th, which will feature an inspiring talk from our Visionary of the Year 2019, peacebuilding awards, and musical performances.

Read More about this Summit and the work of The Euphrates Institute.

Get the summit’s full agenda here.


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