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New Online Course: Peace and Freedom with Money and Life with Lynne Twist and Sara Vetter

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What: A Five Week Online Course with many extras, including weekly 75 minute online  personal trainings with Lynne and Sara, a private Facebook group, and a BONUS Webinar, “Money Forgiveness”

When: Classes begin Thursday, May 14, 2020 for the next five weeks:

May 14 11 am – 12:15 pm Pacific
May 21 11 am – 12:15 pm Pacific
May 28 11 am – 12:15 pm Pacific
June 4 11 am – 12:15 pm Pacific
June 11 11 am – 12:15 pm Pacific

Where: Online via Webinar

About the Event:

This course is created for powerful, change-making, and compassionate people like you, ready to rewrite your money story. Knowing full well the journey to transformation starts within.

Join Lynne Twist with Sara as they lovingly coach you through unraveling your cultural conditioning.

We created this life-altering course because the world heals with more people like you in it experiencing peace, freedom, and prosperity.

Class #1: Transforming the Fear of Scarcity and Loss into the Profound Experience of Prosperity and Fulfillment
Class #2: Discover Your Power, Creativity and Capacity to Generate Flow with Your Money and Life
Class #3: How to Tap The Overflowing Abundance of Wealth and Well-Being
Class #4: Expand Your Experience of Enoughness and Sufficiency
Class #5: Learn How to Live with Grounded Optimism and Step Into Your Future With Certainty

Included: Weekly assignments to serve as a guide post to transforming your relationship with money and life. You’ll be able to see a clear path to your next steps and implement what you’re learning.

Cost: Single Payment of $267. A three payment plan of $99 each is also available.

Registration closes May 8 – Click on the button below for all details and to register.


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