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American India Foundation Annual Gala

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When: Saturday March 24, 5pm

Where: Hilton Union Square, 333 O’Farrell Street, San Francisco, CA

Lynne Twist will be awarded the 2018 Service Award from American India Foundation (AIF) for her 40 years of leadership as a humanitarian and her commitment to philanthropy.

This year’s AIF gala will feature a young woman from India who benefitted from AIF’s LAMP program. LAMP is one of AIF’s signature programs that provides access to quality education opportunities to children in areas of high migration, while also advocating to communities and governments the universal right to education. Since inception, the program has reached over 424,000 children. This young woman whose parents were seasonal migrants is now the first girl from her village to attend college.

AIF’s annual Gala is always a premier evening joining the American and Indian business and philanthropic communities. The proceeds from the Gala bolster AIF’s mission to disrupt poverty, catalyze social and economic change in India, and build a lasting bridge between the United States and India.

This will be an extraordinary evening featuring elegant food, excellent entertainment, and a meaningful program.

Cost: $1,000 for single ticket, tables available for purchase



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