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1440 Multiversity Service Week

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When: December 9 – 13, 2019

Where: 1440 Multiversity Campus | Scotts Valley, CA, USA

About the Event:  A Week of Free, Best-in-Class Professional Development for Nonprofit Teams

Central to the founding vision of 1440 Multiversity is a commitment to be a locus for learning, growth, and new relationships. From the moment campus opened, founders Joanie and Scott Kriens and team felt compelled to ensure that nonprofit leaders and visionaries had special access to 1440’s resources. To accomplish this goal, 1440 Multiversity’s Service Week was created.

Each year we pause normal operations at 1440 for five days and host this unique campus-wide program designed solely for teams from nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit employees, board members, and stakeholders are invited to gather, learn, and collaborate with one another and industry peers.

This innovative, holistic, and complimentary offering for staff, board members, and key stakeholders of local and national nonprofits aims to help teams:

  • Engage in organizational development work, conflict resolution, strategic planning, and culture enrichment
  • Be exposed to new ideas and gain new capacities for success
  • Enjoy revitalizing down time to counteract burnout
  • Enlarge networks and find new collaborators
  • Inspire new depth of relationship.

Program Design: Each day of Service Week will include two workshop sessions, with an additional session at night. Some of the workshops will be 2 – 3 hour sessions and others might be longer and/or encompass the whole day or even multiple days.

Participants can self-select which presentations to attend, but once you choose a workshop to attend, you must stay for the duration, even if the workshop is day-long or multiday.

There will be important keynotes scheduled on some evenings and other, unstructured evenings will allow for relaxing free time and the chance to make new connections with those outside your group.

Participants are invited to make full use of the 1440 amenities, including the infinity-edge hot tub, forest trails, Fitness Center, and signature wellness classes.

What to Expect:

1440 Multiversity will provide free room and board from Monday night through Friday afternoon for all attendees, as well as free access to stimulating and inspiring lectures and workshops led by expert consultants.

This entire event is self-organizing. Team members are free to choose which workshops to attend once they arrive on campus. There is no need to preregister for sessions.

There is a deposit required to register, but the deposit will be fully refunded once teams arrive and check in for the program.

Applications to take part in Service Week must be submitted by organizations, not individuals. Applications will be accepted from July 1, 2019, to November 1, 2019. Approved applicants will be notified as approved.


The 1440 Multiversity campus boasts a variety of accommodation types. We will distribute accommodation assignments on a first come, first served basis with all effort made to accommodate the needs of each group.

Please note that early application increases the odds of getting the most preferred type of accommodations. Almost all room assignments will be shared, so please indicate on the application if your team members can share with one another or would prefer to be paired with roommates from another organization.


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