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Community Blooming at the Soul of Money Workshop

Reflection on the Soul of Money Workshop at 1440 Multiversity

At the start of March, Sara Vetter and I had the joy of facilitating a Soul of Money Workshop in one of the most magnificent places on Earth — the redwood forest outside of Santa Cruz, California. We were grateful to have the chance to teach at 1440 Multiversity (one of our new favorite hubs!) where there’s a constant flow of people learning, nourishing, and developing themselves.

Inside of the workshop, we were moved by our participants’ incredible life journeys and the ways in which they shared so generously with one another. It was a privilege to spend a long weekend with such fearless, committed, inspiring people.

It was stunning to watch people’s generosity blossom, as they inquired deeply about their values and lives and expanded their participation over the course of the three days. To be in a room filled with people who care about bringing joy, connectedness, and all forms of wealth to their life and the lives of others is what has kept me energized inside of this work for a decade now. 

I was humbled to see our participants step into their own inherent power and capacity to create, heal, and be their own agents of fulfillment. I invite everyone who has not yet had the chance to engage more deeply with the Soul of Money principles to sign up for a workshop or an online course — the Soul of Money is a message that is yours to experience fully and to draw into your life. You can find out about our course offerings here.

For those who have felt touched by this work at any time, I wholeheartedly invite you to carry this message into the world. We are stronger in community, as a human family, when we share and give away that which has made a difference for us.

Every year, the Soul of Money is attracting more and more people who are doing stunning work in the world, and Sara Vetter and I were deeply grateful to work with some of these fresh new faces at our workshop last month.

~ Lynne Twist

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