Plus, 2 Live Q & A Sessions with Lynne Twist moderated by Sara Vetter

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What if the challenges you have been presented with this year are an opportunity to pause and discover your life’s mission? 

I invite you to join me for a personal breakthrough in your sense of self, your productivity and your capacity to be of service. Link arms with women who are actively creating a better world. 


"The Soul of Money Institute and Lynne’s work will make the world a better place."

What if Jane Gooddall was too worried about her own self-image to take her iconic place in history? 

Where would we stand as feminists if Toni Morrison decided her work was not good enough for the world to see? 

Could you imagine what life would be like if Sheryl Sandberg was too worried about what people thought of her to build one of the most successful companies in the world? 

What if Serena Williams had pulled back on her career because she was told she was too intense and not gone on to become one of the greatest women athletes in history?

Like these other hallowed women who defined moments in history. 

This is a show-stopping, challenging, difficult and revelatory year. Historically more is being demanded from women like you than ever before. 

I strongly believe awakening to even more of your power will shift the world into a new level of healing needed to carry the human family into the next century. 

Even if the one thing standing between you and seeing yourself in the frame of history is fear...

Fill in the blank with all the fears you might be feeling as you step into even greater power:

The daily disruption of our lives from the pandemic has mandated us to stop and think to re-see and re-vision the world with 20/20 vision. 

The 2020’s is a critical turning point in all the major issues that face humanity. We're entering a new era where women’s leadership is critical for this time in history.

I call the 21st century; the Sophia Century. A time when women will step into their rightful role in co-equal partnership with men to bring the world into a new era of balance, peace, and prosperity.

I invite you to leave your footprint in the sands of time especially during this next decade linked arm in arm with a community of women who catalyze the healing of humanity. 

Thankfully, what matters is your willingness to develop personally on your way to creating a better world. 

When you reclaim your power with the simple insights I teach you will naturally expand and you'll feel ready to…

  • Connect to a deeper sense of personal power during this unprecedented time.
  • Dig into and remove the blocks holding you back from emerging as a leader in your community.
  • Discover your natural power and how to recreate your life from a place of service.
  • Strengthen your spiritual sense of self-worth while finding peace and freedom in your life’s work.

If any of the above makes you want to lean in and learn more then we would love to walk you through how to uncover the gifts lying dormant inside of you. 

you will fully awaken to a life that’s an extension of your soul.

you will find the capacity and clarity to pursue your highest life's work.

you will confidently and generously support your community and the relationships you deeply care about.


"Lynne and Sara lifted my spirit, opened my eyes, touched my heart, and transformed my way of seeing the world. Their work is extraordinary!

After deeply processing my ancestral lineage, I have a new sense of my own peace and freedom."

"I went from a high-end Catering Business Owner, with hundreds of employees and millions in revenue, to nearly overnight requiring nearly 450 layoffs for our employees. 

When we laid staff off initially, we prepared food for employees and their families every week for 200 people with the abundance of food we had in the house, until that was depleted and we could no longer sustain this activity.

Being in Lynne and Sara’s course refocused me from fear of losing everything we had created in 40 years to enormous gratitude for what we have created for and with people. From a feeling of scarcity to abundance by a mindset shift.

Paying attention to what we do have (abundance, talent, passion, collaboration, and resources), not stuck in what we don’t have. We have freed up energy to create new business models to safely satisfy the immediate needs of our community. It is not about more, it is about a sense of having enough and leveraging from that place.

Once again Lynne and Sara hit a home run for all of us able to “play” in their playground. Thank you so very much! Your energy, wisdom, and content is so valuable and contagious, especially in these difficult times. 

You keep the light shining. Thank you again for being the powerful, inspiring woman you are!!"

I have discovered in almost every arena where I've worked: ending world hunger, eradicating poverty, working on peace and stopping violence, and even environmental sustainability— the key intervention in all of these issues has been the empowerment of women and girls. 

This has been a huge and important revelation. It has given my life, and the life of every woman I know and touch, tremendous meaning. We live at a time when the voices of women and girls represented by love, intuition, and compassion is the critical factor needed and wanted in the world today.

It's been my privilege to work with women of the Amazon, women living in poverty and oppression and war in Africa, women living under harsh Islamic rule in the Middle East, and women considered property and chattel in India. When women find their voice, everything changes and that's true of us here in the United States. 

It's an honor to unleash the spirit and unlock the blocks of women as part of my life’s work for the last 40 years. 

From working with Mother Teresa in Calcutta to the refugee camps in Ethiopia Lynne has experienced profound insights and wisdom. She brings her breadth of knowledge about the social tapestry of the world and the historical landscape of the times we are living in.

Sara Vetter is the Business Development Director of the Soul of Money Institute and is a coach, consultant, workshop leader, keynote speaker and strategist.

She has been working with the Soul of Money Institute for more than 10 years and has become a key player in all the initiatives of the institute, working in partnership with Author and Founder Lynne Twist.

Sara has played a leadership role with the Nobel Women's Initiative, working closely with the six Nobel Women Peace Prize Laureates on fundraising, strategy and special delegations. Sara has co-led delegations to Dharamsala, India to see his Holiness the Dalai Lama, the Democratic Republic of Congo to work with Nobel Laureate Leymah Gbowee. 

Sara’s initiatives also landed Lynne Twist’s interview on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday in 2016.

Lynne and Sara’s on-the-ground work has brought them a deep understanding of the role of women at this unprecedented time in history. 

Their soul’s mission is to help others who are ready to awaken and reconnect to their own life’s work and step into a new reality filled with peace and fulfillment. 

This course is created for powerful, change-making, and compassionate people like you, ready to rewrite your life’s legacy. Knowing full well the journey to transformation starts within. 

Join Lynne Twist moderated by Sara Vetter as they lovingly coach you through unraveling your cultural conditioning. 

We created this life-altering course because the world heals with more people like you reclaiming your personal power and creating a new narrative for women in this next decade of the Sophia Century. 

Each lesson will shift your perspective and bring you one step closer to reclaiming your personal power and leaving an indelible mark on history...

Now is the Time—Your Part In The Sophia Century And Creating A New World 

  • Why the Sophia Century is so important now
  • The Cherokee prophecy and how the bird of humanity will heal the feminine and masculine
  • Women’s role in transforming the patriarchal system to yield to a more feminine archetype
  • How your life and women’s leadership will change the world

Awakening and Honoring Your Power

  • What is divine feminine power
  • Letting go of fear and embracing your courage to emerge as leaders
  • Being in the trance of the patriarchal world and the unconscious assumptions about life
  • Our role as women: giving birth and sourcing life

Leaping Into Your Bigger Life

  • Leadership redefined through the feminine archetype
  • Taking a stand and leaping into your bigger life
  • Finding fulfillment in where you already are and grounded optimism
  • The call of our time and why it’s critical for women now to leap

Building Your Sisterhood

  • Being an ally to yourself and other women
  • Discovering the power of fierce love
  • Nurturing the qualities of acceptance, appreciation, and affirmation
  • Honoring and deepening intuition and instinct 
  • Generating an environment of trust and collaboration

Saving the Heart of Everywhere

  • Acknowledging the accomplishments of women as miracle workers
  • Reclaiming his-tory to include her-story
  • Empowering women as the key intervention to every major global challenge we face
  • Discovering your life’s work and unique contribution

Following Session 2 and Session 4 there will be a 30-Minute Optional Live Q & A Session with Lynne Twist and Sara Vetter.

Hold on, of course, there will be more support for you…

  • 5 weeks of live training calls with Lynne Twist moderated by Sara to dig deep on what’s blocking you from naturally expanding your power and stepping into your life’s work. 
  • Weekly assignments to serve as a guidepost to transforming your relationship with fear to fulfillment as you step into your new leadership role. You’ll be able to see a clear path to your next steps and implement what you’re learning.

Registration Closes August 12

We Begin on August 13

Limited to 100 people

3 Payments of $175

  • Access To All 5 Lessons + Bonuses
  • 5 Live Training Calls with Lynne Twist and Sara
  • Private Facebook Group Opens on August 13

Single Payment of $497

  • Access To All 5 Lessons + Bonuses
  • 5 Live Training Calls with Lynne Twist and Sara
  • Private Facebook Group Opens on August 13

($97 Value)



Happening Wednesday, September 9 from 11 am - 12:15 pm PT

Bonus Expires Monday, August 3 at midnight Pacific

This bonus session gives you space to revise your vision for what you thought 2020 would be and decide who you want to become by the end of the year. You will be able to release the challenges you might be experiencing and use it to fuel new opportunities. Together we will open up a new channel for balance, peace, and prosperity to flow in your life. 


(Value Priceless)

Connect and ask questions, get feedback, and dive deeper into your specific challenges with the Awakening Women community. 

As we all know it truly takes sisterhood to rise on your journey to becoming a leader and leave a lasting legacy. This group is the perfect place to start building your village of supportive new friends who will cheer you on and support your dreams.

(Value $97)

In these live group, chats connect with Lynne for an opportunity to ask your questions, get feedback, and dive deeper into your specific challenges you might be facing. This is an opportunity to share what matters to your heart, mind, and soul as you step into your life’s work.  

You’ll also get the benefit of connecting with like-minded sisters and forging new friendships that will last a lifetime. Together we will rise stronger than ever before.  

This is the only place to get our exclusive bonuses + the entire Awakening Women Course (valued at $485).


Lessons can be accessed and listened to via phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop computers.


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"Being in this community with Lynne and Sara leaves me feeling “rich.” I am more aware of my true abundance and how little real scarcity exists in my life. 

It has helped me get more clear about needs and wants. My wants were often in relation to feeling small. I no longer feel small and my needs feel clear and comfortable. 

Gratitude is a constant companion. I appreciate the gifts of Completion and Forgiveness. I had never considered this essential part of the process before. Now I know I can move forward with freedom.

There’s so much rich information in this program."

"I was absorbed in my personal family constellation and then received a cancer diagnosis which was a real wake-up call for me.

My cancer resolved and I took on a project to create a global initiative to change the conversation around cancer.

We recently launched the Cancer Story Project via a live webinar with 500 participants and we have only just begun!"

"It was an amazing experience and the first time I had made such a big investment in myself, for myself. At this time of transition in my life, finding a new way to frame my contributions and talk about my path outside the workplace and most importantly, to be able to clearly communicate what it means to me to live with purpose.   

I felt like I had been doing that but this course helped me get it so cohesive and clear. The women I met were all wonderful, vulnerable, and as uncomfortable as I was when we started. 

The real miracle of the course is they will be my lifelong supporters now that we have made this journey together."

"Working with Lynne, Sara, and the Soul of Money absolutely changed my life. I joined their Remarkable Women's group. It connected me with women who were in the same place in life as I am and working through things that we wanted to change about ourselves and making goals and studied intentions for the future. 

Then taking these deep down into the rain forest in the Amazon and meditating and praying and experiencing a new way of being with indigenous people and shamans deeply affected me.

I came back from that experience with a new light on life, with a new soul, with a new generosity, with a different view of not just the world, but how I want to be in the world. 

I returned wanting to give back in a different way than I have before. I released old wounds and baggage so that I could start and walk on a glorious path where I am now. It's been about two or three years since I started this new journey and every day I am so grateful for the work that I've done with Lynne and Sara.

This work is for anyone looking for a fresh start and to push the reset button in their life. It is profoundly deep, personal work. It's a lot of fun as well. I love these people with all my heart. I am so grateful every day for doing this work. It's one of the most important things that I've ever done for myself in my life."

"Money and time are flowing in all areas of my life.

What a joy it’s been to be in this course! My biggest takeaway is how I lived in the scarcity conversation around time. I now see time as a resource, as something that flows through me and my experience in the world. 

Just as I spend money with awareness of its flow in my life and where that flow goes and there is enough; when I spend time in a way that is aligned with my vision, goals, and initiatives, there is enough time!"

"The Remarkable Women’s Journey with Lynne and Sara was, in a word, MAGIC. It provided deep insights and granted me permission to invest in myself. It created an incredible foundation for connection and bonds leading to lifelong friendships."



How much time will I get with Lynne Twist and Sara Vetter? 


Great question! You’ll get access to them through weekly 75 minute Live Trainings for the 5 weeks of the course plus two 30 minute question and answer sessions. 


How do I get the Re-Visioning 2020 bonus webinar?


The Re-Visioning 2020 bonus webinar recording is available to everyone who joins the Awakening Women course at no additional cost. 

If you sign up by August 3 at midnight Pacific you will be invited to attend live and get your questions answered directly. As soon as you purchase the Awakening Women course you’ll be automatically enrolled in the Re-Visioning 2020 bonus webinar. 


What if I cannot attend the calls live? Will there be access to the recordings?


Yes, every live training will be recorded. After each training the recording will be in the member's area for you to listen to as many times as you like.


When do the class dates take place?


You’ll meet once per week on each Thursday at 11 am - 12:15 pm Pacific. This time will be dedicated to supporting you through the course material and making sure you get personalized attention from Lynne and Sara. 

  • August 13
  • August 20
  • August 27
  • September 3
  • September 10
  • Fast Action Bonus Session: September 9


Will I get direct access to ask Lynne questions?


Yes, during all 5 sessions and the two live Q + A group chats you will be able to connect with Lynne with an opportunity to ask your questions, get feedback, and dive deeper into your specific challenges you might be facing. Lynne is purposely curating an intimate group to allow for more interaction with her and Sara.   

This is an opportunity to share what matters to your heart, mind and soul as you step into your life’s work.,


Do I have to finish each lesson before moving to the next? 


The beauty of the Awakening Women Course is it’s a holistic and organic process. You can listen to the sessions in order or in whatever way works best for you!


Do you have a refund policy? 


Yes! If you are not fully satisfied with the course, submit a refund request to our team by August 19 and you will receive a full refund.

Registration Closes August 12

We Begin on August 13

Limited to 100 people

3 Payments of $175

  • Access To All 5 Lessons + Bonuses
  • 5 Live Training Calls with Lynne Twist and Sara
  • Private Facebook Group Opens on August 13

Single Payment of $497

  • Access To All 5 Lessons + Bonuses
  • 5 Live Training Calls with Lynne Twist and Sara
  • Private Facebook Group Opens on August 13

When we look back at the history of humanity, men have been acknowledged for movements that primarily women have made happen. 

We’re at a turning point that demands women lead us into the next decade of the 21st century. This is about the rise of her-story, not his-story.  

Because the pandemic has all of us looking deeply at who we are and how we will manage our lives and livelihood going forward, this is the ideal time to be reminded of your personal power to play your role in transforming the world.

After completing 2 webinars for hundreds of women, we are in awe of the resiliency and ability of our participants to open their hearts and make the best of their lives.  

For the second time we are widening the reach of our work to be more accessible through offering an online course. 

We’re delighted and honored to create this course focused on you. 

  • Where are you blocked? 
  • Where does your spirit need to be unleashed? 
  • What is your unique contribution? 
  • What is your role in transforming the world? 

Please join me and Sara for a course about you: who you are and what's possible for you in this exquisite, challenging, and unprecedented time that's calling more than ever before for women to become fully who they are. 

Our goal is to support you in being stronger, wiser, and more powerful than you have ever been in your life.  

If you are here, still reading, we invite you to take this leap and join us on this journey.

In Anticipation and Partnership,