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On October 30th I had the thrilling opportunity to speak at TEDx WallStreet. This event was held at the New York Stock

Exchange building on Wall Street, where I had the opportunity to ring the NYSE bell with my colleagues and other speakers. Our day-long gathering of TEDx talks was followed by a thrilling and exciting reception on the NYSE floor. I also had the opportunity to be interviewed by Bridge Global Strategies and Money Stoop.

It was a complete thrill to interact with the Wall Street crowd that attended the TEDx conference and to learn about their longing to be of greater service in moving money away from fear and toward that which we care most about: sustainability of life for future generations. What a wonderful, unique discovery, collaboration, partnership and great possibilities for our future. I am so grateful to have been included in this powerful constituency, and grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the longing and yearning to make a difference with financial resources.

Here is a link to my TEDx WallStreet talk.

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  1. What a great opening and awakening to have the links among our economy and ecology become a real conversation on Wall Street. Thanks, Lynne, for making this distinction on behalf of all life.

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