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Watch Lynne & Oprah on Super Soul Sunday!

Sunday April 23, 2017 | 11:00AM PT/ET

Tune in for an illuminating and inspirational conversation between Lynne and Oprah!

Drawing from her depth of experience in fundraising and international work, Lynne Twist shares her wisdom about our relationship to money and the three "toxic myths of scarcity." She invites us view the money culture through a new lens and to create a spiritual relationship with our finances.

Join Lynne for a live chat ONLINE immediately following the show... where she'll share what it was like to be with Oprah. See detailed instructions below.

This interview airs on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). Check your local cable provider for information and scheduling, and to be sure your subscription includes this channel.

Don't have an OWN subscription? Click here to set one up.

Participate in a live-stream chat with Lynne:

  • Adobe Flash must be enabled to view the live chat! Learn how: Chrome, Safari, Firefox
  • Immediately following the show, login on your computer using this link: live.newrow.com/show/wfv-359.
  • Give your name as you enter the room
  • If you'd like a photo to show up next to your name you can log in via Facebook or Twitter
  • There is no need to activate your webcam or microphone
  • If the platform does not go to full screen automatically, you can do so by clicking the button with four arrows pointing out in the top right corner.
  • To reveal the chat feed: click the button with a single arrow in the top right corner of the screen. Click the button again to hide the chat feed.
  • To participate in the chats: click the button in the top right corner with two speech bubbles and type your message to the group below the list of participants. (Note: if you click the button with a person and a question mark and send a chat that way, the group will not be able to see your message!)
  • For best results, join on a computer (rather than mobile device) so that you can see Lynne during the conversation! If you are viewing in a group, you may want to connect your computer to a TV monitor so everyone can see.


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