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My Day With Oprah: A Dream Come True

A personal miracle has occurred for me. I will be on Oprah Winfrey’s “Super Soul Sunday” show! I can’t believe it.

On Wednesday, June 1st, I traveled with my beloved colleague and friend, Sara Vetter, to Oprah Winfrey’s beautiful estate in Santa Barbara, CA. There, I was interviewed by Oprah for an hour for her Super Soul Sunday program.

It was absolutely one of the most magical and powerful experiences of my life. The interview was fantastic. Oprah asks brilliant questions and makes you feel so comfortable that you could actually tell her anything.

She focused on the messages in my book, The Soul of Money, including: the 3 toxic myths of scarcity, the principle of sufficiency, and other aspects of our relationship with money. She did not ask me about the Pachamama Alliance, but I did get a chance to mention it twice in the interview. I was in a kind of altered state–being with her–and have no idea what I actually said, but I think it was great!

My experience was one of being received, deeply listened to, and held in the grace and power or her attention and love. Oprah is simply remarkable.

On top of that, Sara Vetter (who was with me) and I were then invited to walk with her from the setting where the interview took place–under a beautiful grove of trees on her vast property–up to her main house, which is simply spectacular. She calls it “The Promised Land” and it is.

There, in her fabulous home, on the exquisite veranda overlooking the ocean, she asked me to have a conversation with four of the girls who attended her Leadership Academy in South Africa and are now graduating from college in the United States. They are living with her for the summer. She calls them her daughters and they call her “Mammo”, a South African term for Mother. They are from some of the poorest communities in South Africa, yet, with the education Oprah has made possible, they have become eloquent, confident, clear, and impressive young women.

We had a conversation about how to navigate the world of money, which is challenging for all of them. It was such a privilege to engage with them about what they will face when they go home, as well as how to navigate the culture of money they also face here in the USA. Then, we all had the opportunity to hear Oprah tell the story of her own personal journey with money. That was one of the most incredible and moving stories I have ever heard.

Then, Sara and I got to stay for dinner with Oprah and the girls. We all sat at her beautiful round dining room table, where I am sure many remarkable people have sat and where many conversations have taken place. We were joined by DeVon Franklin and Meagan Goode, a stunning African American “power-couple” from Hollywood (who were interviewed just before me that same day) and one of her top producers, the amazing Tara Montgomery.

The conversations over dinner were intimate, joyful, fun, profound, and enlightening. We touched on many topics and heard story after story from Oprah and Tara about the 25 years of the Oprah Show and the many guests who were on it. She shared stories about people who are no longer with us like: Michael Jackson, Prince, and Whitney Houston. She told stories about Bill Clinton, Aretha Franklin, and other luminaries. It was fascinating, fun and in some cases remarkably funny. We felt so honored and included as she shared with us story after story of what happened in front of the camera and behind the scenes.

Oprah is real, spiritually grounded, loving, smart, and incredibly generous–just as we all have seen from knowing her from afar. After meeting her up close and having this personal time with her, my respect for her has increased 10-fold. She is clearly one of the most remarkable people on this planet.

June 1st, 2016 will always be an unforgettable day in my life.

The program will air in the Fall and we will make sure to let everyone know when it’s going to happen. We intend for the program to make a real contribution to healing people’s relationship with money and the money culture, as well as to create a huge surge in sales of The Soul of Money book and awareness of the work of The Soul of Money Institute and the Pachamama Alliance.

Thank you all for the support you have given me over the years which I know made this miracle possible.

With love,

P.S. We were not allowed to take photos while there, but Oprah’s team took plenty and they will be posted prior to when the program airs.

Fortunately, Sara and I got some photos leading up to my interview with Oprah, which you can see above.

12 Responses to My Day With Oprah: A Dream Come True

  1. This is so exciting and well deserved! Hats off and congratulations to a well deserved nod from Oprah!

  2. What a lovely post to read here Lynne and so great to hear of your wonderful dream coming true.Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful day and photos with us! Many blessings, Alison

  3. Shakti Dudley:

    I am deeply moved by your sharing of this remarkable experience in your life’s journey. You continue to be a mentor and one of my heroines.
    I love and adore you!

  4. Lauren Selman:


    What a phenomenal day! Wow. You wrote it will such descriptive language that I felt like I was there with you. I must admit that the feeling you described was very similar to the feeling I had when I first met you. There are women in the world – of which you are one – who draw us in and into our hearts and have a profound impact on our lives. Reading this piece also reminded me how dreams can always come true. As I get older, I fear that I will run out of dreams, but that is nonsense. To read how your dreams came true and are continuing to come true is remarkable. Thank you for sharing this story and I hope to see you again, very soon.

    Much love,

  5. Thank you for sharing these details as two bright stars share an experience on our beloved earth.

  6. Thank you for sharing the events around the interview, especially that your estimation of Oprah is now even higher. I find that to be true of you, Lynne. Reading your book inspires people. Being able to work with you in person, like I did in The Hunger Project and Pachamama Alliance (glad you were able to at least mention it) is even more inspiring.

  7. Satya Linda Grace:

    Congratulations and boundless blessings Lynne for this accomplishment and awesome opportunity to experience your own fulfillment as well as to be of service. This is truly the fruit of a lifetime of your commitment, devotion, dedicated service and authentic self-expression. I deeply honor you, your work, and the demonstration of service that your life is. Boundless love and blessings.

  8. Lynne, this is so very exciting! And I’ll bet Oprah was inspired by meeting you! Can’t wait to see the interview–be sure to let us kno when it airs. Congratulations and much love.
    Pam Hale Trachta

  9. Lynne,
    Your visit an interview with Oprah is well deserved and I have no doubt Oprah is talking to her people about how extraordinary her time with You was. You continue to inspire me with your vulnerability and transparency. Your influence in the world and on my has me play a bigger game. For this (and you!) I am thankful.
    Can’t wait to see the show!
    Sending so much love,

  10. Edie Lycke:

    So looking forward to seeing this program in the fall. I watch Super Soul Sunday every week and have learned so much from it and from Oprah’s many fascinating guests (and of course from Oprah herself). Congratulations on being selected to be one of her guests. You wouldn’t have been there if you weren’t doing important and soul sustaining work in the world. Glad you have this fabulous opportunity to share it with all of us.

  11. Betsy Schwarzentraub:

    Lynne, I was thrilled to read your response to being interviewed by Oprah for this April’s Super Soul Sunday. Navigating the world of money can be hugely challenging, whether we come from our U.S. obsessed “money culture,” or from impoverished situations like those of Oprah’s Leadership Academy graduates. It takes attention, persistence and intentional gratitude to mature in the very traits you have and recognized in Oprah: spiritually grounded, loving, smart, and incredibly generous.
    A key aspect of growing such generous souls is telling “rallying stories:” experiences that inspire hope, and trust in God’s abundance. When we reflect on learning from our own experiences and share what we’ve heard from others, we encourage healing in our relationship with money in an amazing ripple-out way. Thank you for your own grounding and the way you share rallying stories about generous stewards with so many of us in the process!
    Sincerely, Betsy Schwarzentraub, generousstewards.wordpress.com

  12. Patrice Horvath:

    I just watched the interview last night and am totally enchanted with you and your view on life, money, gratitude and giving. I am sure I will watch many times and share with many friends along with your website that I just found.
    You are a treasure!

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