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Soul of Money Courses

The Transformative Power of Sufficiency & Gratefulness

This brand new eCourse features Lynne Twist & Brother David Steindl-Rast, interviewed by Sara Vetter. In this course, participants will learn about the power of focusing their awareness on the gifts, opportunities, and commitments in their lives.

Cultivating the practice of gratefulness and sufficiency helps us recognize that we may not need new goals or big changes in order to be deeply happy. Re-orienting to the multitude of “currencies” and the natural flow of resources in our lives offers an alternative path to happiness.

This 6-week eCourse will be offered starting on May 17th, 2017.


In an era bloated with data, we are starved for wisdom.

Dr. Elizabeth Kapu’uwailani Lindsey National Geographic Explorer

The Soul of Money Workshop

Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Life

lynne-facilitating-workshopFor most of us, anxiety and confused feelings about money are an obstacle to personal and organizational success. A dysfunctional relationship with money can hold us back from achieving our highest potential and realizing our loftiest goals.

This workshop will transform your relationship with money by providing you with an opportunity to deeply explore how your highest aspirations can be supported and nurtured by money, rather than subverted by the constant anxiety and quest for money that is the product of our consumer culture.

By looking closely at your own financial “story” and the ways your beliefs about money have limited and constricted your life, you are empowered to re-conceptualize money as a tool to realize your best Self. As a result of this workshop, you will:

  • Experience a new sense of freedom and joy in your relationship with money.
  • Discover wholesome ways to earn, save, spend, invest and contribute.
  • Appreciate the power and presence of your existing resources.
  • Come to know your own sufficiency and natural prosperity.


Lynne Twist has the amazing gift of reconnecting us with our selves. Her workshop awakened me from a consumptive, competitive mindset and launched me into a journey completely aligned with my values. Through her shining example, Lynne has literally altered the course of my life and how I participate in it.

Jennifer Wood Medical Engineer

Fundraising from the Heart Workshop


Sara Vetter leading Fundraising from the Heart

Does the idea of asking for money intimidate you?

Does a reluctance to fundraise prevent your organization from fulfilling its mission?

Do you long for a robust and enthusiastic fundraising team?

You can shift what may seem like the “necessary evil” of fundraising into the most exciting and fulfilling expression of your organization’s mission.

Anyone with a passion for their cause can be effective in asking others for money. You can learn to design compelling, irresistible conversations about your work that inspire donors to contribute.

In this workshop you will examine your preconceived notions of what it means to ask for money and be empowered to share your organization’s vision and mission in an inspirational and motivational way.

You will not only learn how to channel your passion into successful fundraising strategies that truly express and fulfill your organization’s highest mission but how to do so with greater confidence and efficacy.

Boards of Directors, Executive Directors, Development Directors and volunteers of social profits who want a breakthrough in their capacity to raise money will discover innovative new strategies to achieve extraordinary fundraising results. As a result of this workshop you will:

  • Design successful fundraising conversations.
  • Discover the essence and heart of your organization’s mission.
  • Learn how to build an effective, inspired and winning fundraising team.Strengthen your ability to sustain long-term donor relationships.
  • Become grounded in the principles of effective generative fundraising.


Fundraising from the Heart has taken me from a place of anxiety, fear and concern back to feeling rejuvenated, enthusiastic and passionate about my work and about raising fund to support the work.

Diana Fried M.Ac, MA

Taking Lynne’s workshop marked a pivotal turning point in both my understanding of how money works, and my professional development as a fundraiser. With this unique perspective, I was able to transform many of my own negative attitudes about raising money, which immediately impacted my effectiveness.

Nina Simons Bioneers Co-Executive Director

Lynne Twist’s Soul of Money workshop is a fantastic opportunity to remind, re-awaken and re-vitalize one’s purpose in life with one’s values and money.


The Soul of Money will likely forever transform how you relate to money, and liberate you into transforming how money flows in the world and in your life. No, money does not have a soul, but energy does. Lynne brilliantly shows the wisdom on the old saw: “Money is like manure. If you pile it up, it stinks. When you spread it around, it can fertilize the landscape.”

Kenny Ausubel
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